Group Class Information



BDASL'S group dance classes are taught in monthly sessions. Classes commence the first week of each month and end the last week of the month. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel classes if less than 5 students sign up the first week of classes.

Monthly dance class FEES

Each class costs $10/h per week. If a month has four weeks (e.g. four Tuesdays), there are four classes per month, totalling $40 for 1h classes and $60 for 1.5h classes. In a five week month (e.g. five Thursdays), the total for a group class is $50 (1h) or $75 (1.5h), payable the first week of each month by cash, check, or credit card.


Each student must complete a one-time Registration Form the first week of the monthly session to enroll in BDASL classes. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts to complete this form.                  

What to wear

Clothing:  Wear comfortable clothing that allows movement across the dance floor.         Shoes:  Do not wear flip flops or backless shoes as you could walk out of them. Wear enclosed shoes with low heels. Spike heels are not allowed.


We are currently searching for a new location in the greater CWE region that suits our needs.

Of the activities I’ve done in life and things I’ve learned, nothing has been as challenging as ballroom. Those who watch often think dancing is something that can be learned in two sets of 6 weeks lessons…. When this doesn’t happen, many give up, but that’s another story. It’s well worth the effort to go beyond the two sets of 6 lessons and it’s certainly worth the effort to practice proper engagement of abs and other core muscles daily, and not just when getting into position for a smooth dance.
— Steve Newlon, August 2013