Ballroom Dance Academy of St. Louis (BDASL)

November 9th, 2018

Dear BDASL Friends and Supporters,

As we begin to close another year filled with activities and outreach, the Ballroom Dance Academy of St. Louis (BDASL) Board of Directors would like to personally thank everyone for their support, resilience, and hard work for 2018, and especially during our recent Annual Charity Event.  We want to express our gratitude for your gifts and generosity, which are essential for continuing our mission and purpose: to promote partner and ballroom style dancing as an important component of American Culture and education.  We are proclaiming the 2018 BLACK and WHITE BALL was great fun and hugely successful.  It was an exciting event engaging civil minded leaders focused on improving lives in our community.  BDASL is grateful to partner with dynamic organizations and individuals to advance our social responsibility and optimize our American Culture. 

Fortunately, we share a common value for all people and recognize it is our responsibility for outreach.  Collaborating with this great network almost ensures our success.  It is our hope that BDASL’s outreach and service will positively touch many in the community.  Luckily, we have some of the best supporters anywhere.  You are critical to BDASL as we transition our organization to a new location for operations.  We are making progress every day and will continue to progress over the coming weeks as the planning committee engages in the exhaustive search for a new venue.  For 2019, BDASL will remain a vibrant community support organization, and we could not do it without our loyal supporters. 


Ballroom Dance Academy of St. Louis, Board of Directors

October 22, 2018

Dear BDASL Friends and Supporters,

As you may have become aware, the Mahler Ballroom was acquired this year and has undergone many changes to become an exciting and unique event space for the Central West End (CWE).  Additionally, these changes have resulted in a new vision and business plan for its owners. The Ballroom Dance Academy of St. Louis (BDASL) has enjoyed more than a decade of great times and events in this wonderful space and looks forward to utilizing it in the future. However, BADSL will conclude its regular usage of the Mahler Ballroom on October 31, 2018. 

With this decision, BDASL will not be holding regular weekly dance classes or monthly dance events for November and December 2018.  BADSL remains loyal to its mission and purpose to promote partner and ballroom style dancing, an important component of American Culture and education. We believe in making this a beautiful piece of American culture for the entire community through our outreach activities. Amazingly, we have had the opportunity to discover synergies between schools, libraries, churches, senior centers, cultural events, art fairs and more in order to best serve the community and deliver on our purpose.

In this spirit, the BDASL Board of Directors has committed to furthering the exciting and vibrant art of dance by developing a planning committee to establish a new home base for classes, activities and events; while remaining in the Central West End. It is our promise to secure a new venue for operations and return to normal activities of outreach beginning early 2019. Additionally, we pledge to keep our dance family of friends and supporters informed of our progress as we coordinate these changes. We have all invested in this worthy endeavor and continue to receive the wonderful health and social benefits. Thus, we ask that you continue to be invested and support BDASL and its mission, as we seek to utilize our equity to return with greater outreach and offerings.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve our community, and please feel free to contact BDASL if you have any questions.


Ballroom Dance Academy of St. Louis, Board of Directors

Dance Classes & Milonga

Due to the unforseen loss of our dance space at the Mahler Ballroom, as of Nov 1st we will unfortunately not be able to offer dance classes, dance parties, or Milongas for the remainder of the year. We are currently searching for a new space that suits our needs, and are hopeful that we will be able to continue classes in January. We hope to see you back in the new year with great energy and enthusiams. Please continue following our website, as we will be disseminating information on the new dance space and classes for 2019 as soon it becomes available to us. We value your patience and continued support for BDASL, and are looking forward to dancing with you again soon!

Please note that the Fundraiser Gala, the October Dance Party, and the Dance Camp in Mexico are not affected by the changes in circumstances.

BDASL is delighted to invite you to our Monthly Social Dance Event. Our social dances welcome dancers of all levels
to join each other on the dance floor, have fun, and catch up with friends. For more information, see here.


Monthly Dance Party


no dance parties in Nov & Dec

$12/person ($5 for students with ID)
refreshments included

Dance Performances

  • Salsa Rueda performance at the Chautauqua Art and Dance Festival (June 2018)

  • Waltz performance at the 11th annual Emerson SPRING TO DANCE Festival (May 2018)

  • Rueda Salsa performance at the annual fundraiser of the Flamenco Cultural Society of St. Louis (September 2017)

  • Dance performances at Lumiere Casino for an employee recognition dinner and fiesta (April 2017)


For more information on other community activities, including our Children and Senior Dance Programs and the WUSTL Grad Dance Club, please see our outreach page. For pictures and videos, please visit our gallery.

Ballroom Dance Academy of St. Louis (BDASL)

BDASL is a 501(c)3 non-profit focused on sharing the joy of ballroom dancing. We offer weekly Ballroom Dance Group Class Lessons and Monthly Dance Events for social dancing. Additionally, BDASL sponsors Community Outreach Programs for Children and Seniors and an annual week-long Dance Camp for adults. BDASL awards Ballroom Dance Scholarships to students who are gifted and needy.

Studies show ballroom dancing provides a positive and youthful environment for people of all ages. Not only is ballroom dancing a cultural event, it's also a form of exercise that improves one's health and mind by teaching social skills, musicality, concentration, fall prevention, balance, and sequential memory. Ballroom dancing is truly an inter-generational lifelong activity that can be enjoyed and participated in by everyone.